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I've been creating images for more than 40 years. I stumbled across photography as a teenager playing with the found treasure of a cameras my father brought home after cleaning someone's basement or attic.  I grew up in San Francisco's Mission District with my nine brothers and sisters raised by my single parent father.  I was on the younger end, stuck between two brothers, and the older ones called us "the three little ones".   This caused an unusual kind of isolation for me, from which I had to figure out how to overcome.  That's where photography came in.  Playing around with a camera (minus film for the longest time) allowed me to hide when I needed, be the center of everything when I wanted and pay close attention to what mattered; what told the story.  


As I grew older, struggling through the reality of an absent mother, the constant penetration of racism and sexism, poverty and low self-esteem,  i looked toward photography as my therapy.   Robert Henri, writer of "The Art Spirit" wrote--"Art is the inevitable consequence of growth and is the manifestation of the principles of its origin".  I took from this and ask myself when creating an image, What brings pleasure to my eyes, what causes my soul to connect and gather in that which surrounds me, what moves beyond mimicry, the splash of color or visual trickery, leading me to my next moment of healing.

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